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Jack is a middle-aged man (66), who has suddenly been abandoned by his wife after over 25 years of marriage. At this age, your ‘hunting’ days are limited, so you appoint a ‘hunter’ – in this case, a matchmaker. Jack manages Rodeo Drive’s most exclusive men’s Boutique and is a part shareholder. Jack is a simple man but with strong passions. The matchmaker, Rabbi Green, is one of those typical modern Jews who knows the modern world, and keeps a high ethical code. Except for his terrible secret of one daughter who has become the victim of the very world her father so strongly rejected.

The Rabbi, as a respected matchmaker for the community, offers to find a suitable partner for Jack. Jack’s life has meanwhile gone into free-fall.

Eventually, at the end of his tether and at his most bereft, he finds the woman of his dreams.