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an original screenplay written by Steven Berkoff and David Sower       story by Laurie Berg 

directed by Stephen Cookson        produced by Peter Keegan


World War II - 1943


Hans is a devout Catholic German Lieutenant working as an accountant in Dachau

concentration camp.


He risks his life by giving food to the starving Jewish inmates and saves a Jewish

baby girl from certain death by smuggling her out of this hell on earth. With the

help of his local priest and a Mother Superior, Hans and his wife adopt the girl and

    bring her up in the Catholic faith.


Post War Munich 1961


The brave Hans and his wife are suspiciously killed in a car

accident. Their adopted daughter Anna, now 18 years old, discovers her true religion

at birth and with help tries to trace her real mother – if she is still alive.

Meanwhile, Anna is being pursued by her evil Uncle who is a war criminal and hates

Jews, he is determined to take over the family business.


Anna finally finds her mother alive on the other side of the world, she also finds true love with

 a young  Jewish man and they marry. At the wedding ceremony Anna makes a speech. 

S he praises her late brave father and mother and thanks the Roman Catholic Church

 for saving her life even though she knows she was born a Jew. In her speech she tells everyone:


“I want to embrace and learn more about my true birth-religion of Judaism”.




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