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**** MY ANGEL - Winner Best Film - Monaco International Film Festival

**** TIMOTHY SPALL - Winner Best Actor - Monaco International Film Festival

**** BRENDA BLETHYN - Winner Best Actress - Monaco International Film Festival

**** STEPHEN COOKSON - Winner Best Director - Monaco International Film Festival

15 year old Eddie’s (Joseph Phillips) life is suddenly turned upside down when on a Christmas shopping trip his mother is knocked down by a car and is left critically ill in hospital. Eddie and his brother Stewart (Angus Harrison) face the prospect of spending Christmas alone and with an absent father they are left to fend for themselves.

In a dream Eddie’s mum asks him to find a halo so that she can be saved. With the prognosis at hospital not looking good, Eddie will try anything to save his mum but where does he start, who can he turn to help and will anyone believe him?

With his skeptical brother showing no faith in his ‘childish’ dream, preferring to leave it to the hospital staff, Eddie turns to Mr. Lambert (Timothy Spall) the head of Religious Education at his school hoping he can enlighten him about angels. The curmudgeonly Mr. Lambert, struggling with his own faith after his son’s death and estranged from his other son, is equally dismissive of his childish notion. Can Mr Lambert rediscover his faith and help Eddie?


My Angel

Starring: Timothy Spall, Brenda Blethyn, Celia Imrie, Mel Smith, Joseph Phillips

Director/Writer: Stephen Cookson

Co-Producer: Peter Keegan

Log-Line: Fifteen year old Eddie's mother falls very ill after a serious car accident. He dreams that his mother asks him to find an angel's halo so that she can be saved. Will Eddie be able to save his mother in time for Christmas?

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Status: Completed

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